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Let sleeping dogs lie

Work the scene

Move around your subject When you’re out making photographs, don’t forget to “work the scene”. Move around your subject and make photographs at different angles and different perspectives. Don’t just take photos… make photos!...

Front of an old derelict farmhouse

Off the beaten track

Sometimes it’s fun to “go where the GPS thinks you should go”, rather than take the regular way to a location. Earlier this year I went to Melbourne in Victoria (Australia) to participate in...

Two on the boardwalk

Removing objects in photographs

Should I remove objects from photographs? This is a question I’ve been asked more than once. The answer is simple… “it depends”. If you’re a photojournalist that makes a living making newsworthy images, then...

Reflections of the Eiffel Tower

Change your perspective

Changing your perspective when making photographs can result in images that are instantly recognisable, yet different and more engaging. Let’s take a look at the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Most people today know what...