Sometimes when we arrive in a location, the weather isn’t the best. A few months ago I had a single day to spend in Vienna, Austria. I arrived at about 11:30 a.m. and would...

Brighton Beach, Victoria

Understanding the Exposure Triangle

Everyone understands that good exposure goes a long way to making a good photograph. Right? But what actually makes a good exposure?  In this post we’re going to explore just what exposure means and how...

The Danube River, Budapest

Travelling with a tripod

I’ve been asked a question along the lines of “should I take a tripod with me when I travel?” and whether I take one myself. The answer is quite simple really – “it depends”. 

Ponte Vecchio, Florence

More blogs I read

Today I’m sharing another couple of blogs that I enjoy reading. First up is Digital ProTalk which is written by David Ziser. I think it’s fair to say David is now in semi-retirement and posts far...